Welcome to Mango Limited

We are pleased to introduce a new product PARQUET WOOD FLOOR BLOCKS.  These are made from Kenyan blue gum (Eucalyptus Saligna) harvested from Mr George Macharia’s forest at Ol Kalou.  This wood is very hard and resistant to insect infestation.   For the moment we are making only the old traditional blocks: 3/4 ins thick, 8 ins long, 2 5/8 ins wide. Other products will become available at a later date.

Mango Limited started production in 1988. Mango Limited has a complete range of furniture, as illustrated in the website; all manufactured in Kenya.
The wood used is either Mahogany or White Oak for indoor furniture, with Saligna used for garden furniture, all the wood is mature and kiln dried.
The prices given are for White Oak or Saligna; if Mahogany is required the price is increased by 20 percent. Discounts can be arranged for large repetitive orders.
Our guarantee is unique in the Kenyan furniture industry, as below:
There is no fixed warranty period. We guarantee the furniture free from defects of workmanship or materials without time limit,but this does not include normal wear and tear or failure due to improper use.